Well, today was fucking exhausting. Was supposed to see Pat today, but ended up having to go to the IOP (intensive outpatient) orientation instead, then straight to the Chiropractor after that. We had Process Group this morning, which wore me out, then the Community Meeting. OMG. The Community Meeting was ridiculous. How do you nicely tell someone to shut the fuck up while they're still talking? I love Kenyatta, but she just goes on and on and on about the same shit, repeating herself in the process. Pat, herself, could hardly intervene! Anyway, after that was lunch then my epic journey to IOP, where Melody also went on ..... and on... I finally told the IOP dude (at about 2:30), that I had a doctors appointment to be at, around 3:00! He tried to hurry Melody, but ya know how that goes! So, John Little (who keeps throwing more-than-friendly smiles at me, which I like, but makes me feel awkward) takes me to my appointment. I actually made it 10 minutes early, thank God! JUST to find out that I have to come back for x-rays because the machine was being worked on. GREAT. Now, I asked mom to pay another $35 co-pay, but I did find out: my shoulder leans to the left, and so do I. He said he felt strange movement when I moved my neck. SO I still have to do x-rays. Mom said "WELL, I'm gonna talk to this DOCTOR and see what's goin on, because it sounds like he's rippin' you off trying to make you pay another $35 co-pay on some x-rays that should've been taken today!" I agree, though. So, she's calling tomorrow, as I finish my last 10 days here, and in IOP. Blah.

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