Today was okay. Got to chill and get to know peeps better. Lou is cool. He;s from Florida. We seem to be somewhat kindred in spirit. It's nice to have someone to feel cool around. Dave has been eyeballin' me. Tonight, while I was working in my workbook and Jenner & Lou were sittin with me, he was talking about something, then mid-sentence just blurts out "You have a big bra." I'm the only one who heard this, and I said "What?!" and just started laughing so hard. Lou said "that turrets kickin in again?" even though he didn't hear it at all, I found out, when I later told him. Later on, Dave said I have a beautiful smile and I was gorgeous. That made me feel good, even though I'm not interested at all. It's still nice to be attractive to someone and get attention. I am an attention whore, after all. He's sweet though. I'd hit it. LOL.

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