Well, these passed two days have been busy! At residential, you hardly have time to breathe, which is absolutely wonderful. I've been attending all the groups, and doing everything I need to be doing. Suzanne, the nurse, fucking bought me a CARTON of smokes! How sweet of her! She said she was going to buy me "a pack," but brought a carton! I swear, if I wasn't so shocked and on anti-depressants, I would've cried. I gave a pack to my roomie, Jennifer, whom I've grown on. She's real sweet, and I don't worry about her stealing my shit, or fight with her, which is nice. So, I've decided to stick it out with her. We share a lot, too. I saw mom today. Sounds like I may be moving back home. She also got me 2 packs of cigs. LOL! The more, the merrier! She's buying me some clothes, for La Paloma. Xmas is coming up, and she wants me to make a list. Oh GOD! lol I just want to put "forgiveness" and "trust". Anyway, the meetings/groups have been helpful, and I've grown somewhat accustomed to some of the residents here. I'm still timid and mopey, because it's been so cold that I don't want to go outside, ever, during free time, and it's been raining. Now, it's a cross between sleet and snow. I briefly talked to Twain tonight. He's the same, as usual. He pissed me off, and I really shouldn't talk to him, because just the sound of his voice makes me think of/want to hit some crack, but it's SO hard to let him go! I need to address this and have people help me. Ugh! I'm so frustrated/stressed out! I've been prescribed Remeron, for sleep, and it works. Lol Well, night!

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