Well, I'm back at La Paloma. Wow. It's been a journey. Crack took hold of me. The Devil has his ways. Antwain & I were getting pretty intolerable together. He still put his hands on me, even after he said he wouldn't as long as I didn't, and I didn't. I kicked holes in his house, instead. LOL Corey's an asshole. He wouldn't even give me a hit before he left. Fucking prick. Sorry, and it's not my fault he couldn't get hard because he was tweakin so bad. He wouldn't leave the floor, couch, or table alone. Just searching for niblets of crack that didn't exist. Freakin psycho... And HE made fun of ME for being a fiend! The nerve... Anyway, I am so GD tired. Can't get enough sleep. Zzzzz....

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