Today's been alright. Slow. As if each day is crawling. Didn't go to any groups but DBT (Dialect Behavioral Therapy). Today just sucks. I need my anxiety meds, so I can actually sit through a group. I deal with it better by myself in my room, writing and occupying my time, than sitting still in a group room listening to a monotone voice lecture crap at me. Haven't been able to eat much at all. I want to use. It's unbearable. Last night Jennifer, my roomie, had a "suicide moment," which is a cry for attention, more than anything. Fuck her. That's just how she gets what she wants. Like the radio she "borrowed" and played ALL NIGHT while I tried to sleep. I unplugged that shit. It pisses me off. Ugh! Anyway, I hope I see my doctor tomorrow. I need something for anxiety!!!!

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