Today was good. I'm feeling extremely anxious lately, want to do everything/anything productive, besides meetings/groups...Go figure! I NEED to commit & follow my commitments more! I lack motivation, I need energy! If I'm not restless, I'm napping. My mind is a flurry. I'm trying to handle it. It's hard. I can't ever sit still or get comfortable. I got a new book called "Is it Love, or is it Addiction?" So-far, so-good. Glad I got it. Anyway, I feel the time, here at La Paloma, slowly drudging by. It's been longer than I thought, though. It's good. I might be getting into Oasis (Sober Living house in Chattanooga) after this. I'm spending the holidays with the family. I sure miss them. Family weekend is this upcoming weekend. Anxious about that! Hehe!

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