Great, but TIRED day! I've been voted COMMUNITY LEADER of the womens community, and I write the schedule board for the morning, and lead AA/NA/DRA groups at night. Also, as community leader, I get to go to WalMart for the Saturday store run for all the girls! Fun stuff! Yesterday, I saw mom at the family weekend thing. Dad had to work. Oh well. We talked a lot, and it felt good. She's happy for me taking on the leadership role, because it makes her feel that I'm doing good, and meaning it this time. Awesome! Today I held my first meeting, and it was NA. It went great, and everyone said they loved it. :) The topic was "Similarities & Differences in our Addiction." Basically telling them to see the similarities in our stories, rather than the differences. Tomorrow is going to be "Me, Myself, & Trust." I'm happy. Well, night-night time!

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