Had a great Process Group with Pat today. She touched on Guilt, and how it's an action, that is followed by the feeling of shame. We have to cope with our shame, and learn to put it in the past, instead of constantly relishing/doing it. That's so true! Also, got my nails done today. Yay! They so purdy! Lol Group tonight was good. Just good productive talk. Rosemary, one of the Resident Counselors, is a trip! I love that lady! Audrey is a psycho hellion that won't let shit go. I mean, who "falls in love" in rehab anyway? Ugh, on another note, I'm going to see a Chiropractor next week. AND, this weekend is family weekend! Yay! But mom & dad can't come on Sunday. SADFACE! :( But I get to see them Saturday.

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