Today's been fun. I held the community meeting, and everyone was glad it went by so fast. Went to WalMart with Jeanie, Ramsey, Jamie, a male RC, and Kim. It was so fun. Got a lot of goodies. :) Some beads, twine, book tabs, pens, glue, sharpies, and some food stuffs! Yay! Oh, and I made some other ladies happy by shopping the best I could for them. They love me, well most of them, and I don't get it. Maybe it's just a front? I don't know. I've been super Bi-Polar lately. Just awful moody. I think it's the neck pains/back pains, and it sets me off. But, I'm recognizing it. Kim is so sweet, compared to Ruby (RCs), who's as dumb as a box of rocks. She just won't leave me alone! Anyway, Suzanne and I have been bonding lately. I've been making hemp bracelets, some for Dad, Noah, Shana, Eyona, Michelle, Lex, and Mom. Made earrings for Mom, Lex, and Michelle. I hope they like them. I know they will, but in their minds as well as their hearts. Also, I need to make cards! So, tomorrow I will finish the bracelets, then work on the cards. Also, I need to make Pat one more pair of earrings & a card. Rosemary, Kim, & Loretta some earrings. Hehe! Maybe a couple of girls, too. LOVE crafts! Paintings for Mom, Dad, Noah, Shana, and Lex too. Well, time for beauty sleep. :) Night...

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