Well, today was kinda sorta bland. Went to Process Group for a bit, then left to go to the Chiropractor. Did X-Rays and found out that my neck is straight instead of curved, how it should be, and the bones are likely pinching nerves. So, he did a couple of adjustments, and I went to go make another appointment. The receptionist let me draw a number for a drawing out of the bucket. I drew #18, and won a huge King-Size Microfiber blanket! How cool! So, I get back to La Paloma, then get a notice that I have to see the doctor. Did that, then I had to see Shelley, the discharge lady. Got my paperwor, went to the business office, got Brad's signature, went next door to Rebecca, did my survey, got my signature and t-shirt, and went to Carol for her signature. Oh! Today Adam wrote me back, and it was the dorkiest, cutest letter ever! Hehe! Oh also, Cujo (the cat) left me a present in the birdcage this morning. It was a female Cardinal. Not bloody, just dead from a likely broken neck. He was so excited to show me, throwing it in the air and everything. So, I freaked all the girls 'n' guys out by showing it to them (a funeral of sorts), and took it to the garden to bury it, so she can be a beautiful flower someday. Not a bland day, afterall. So, I'm going to bed, wishing my stay here wasn't so short, and I'm going to miss everyone. Not enough to come back though. :P

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