Well, today is Christmas Eve, and it's been a good day. Yesterday was okay, but emotionally sucked. Spent the day with mom, went to IOP first, then we went shopping. We went to Target. With my gift card from La Paloma, I got 2 CDs (Kid Cudi & Lil Wayne). Afterwards, mom went to work and I wrapped some presents with Shana & Michael (who came over for the night). We watched a couple of movies. Today, we spent the day together, and Bella, Eyona, & Lex got in from their road trip. We went grocery shopping and Shana & Michael went home. I finished making my goodie bags. We had a "birthday dinner" for dad, then me, Anthony, & Lex went to a meeting. That was fun. Anthony's so handsome, and sweet. I made a "Christmas Care Package" for Suzanne and mom says she'll take me to La Paloma tomorrow, so she can open it on Christmas. At least it might bring some Christmas cheer to a hard time in rehab. Anyway, tomorrow's the big day, and I'm super excited. I bet I'm gonna sleep crummy. Dyed my hair more-red today, and painted my nails a different color. Alright, now. I'm tired....


  1. Hi!! What happened to recovery journal? I also have not done much but I am trying to restart. Keep your writing flowing. I believe that it is therapeutic.
    Love you...mom

  2. I just updated it. I'm unsure if I want to put what I have written since I've been in Oasis, in here. I'm sure sometime I will....