Today, I have been released, or formerly known as discharged, from La Paloma. It was quite emotional, even though I've not cried. Sara gave me a TY beanie baby as a present. A monkey, Coconut. We had graduation, and it was very hard to leave everyone. Alecia, Rosemary, Pat, Suzanne, Suzy, Sara, Adam, Ramsey, the nurses, etc... I was settled, comfortable. Serene. My own "perfect bubble". I want to keep up with all of them, but it's going to be hard. I need to keep in touch with Pat, Carol, and the RC's. I love them all. They've been so helpful. I need to organize my thoughts. They're all jumbled, scattered all over the damn place. So, it's now my job to put them in order, and go with the flow. To process all the information, and elimate the ideas. Writhing in my brain, these thoughts are out of order. Slithering around like a snake. I want my brain to settle down! Dad's birthday was yesterday. He's 49 now. I'm so anxious for Christmas! 3 more days! Kitkat is so sweet. She gave me a back massage this evening. Oh! Shana & Michael came to my graduation today. That was nice. Michael's gotten a mustache and chin beard. Silly lookin goatee. Shana's tits are huge & full of milk, and her belly is gettin big. LOL. Christmas tree is purdy. Man, I miss everyone already, but it's good to be home.

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